Tailor-made solutions for companies looking to develop People Management processes that help strengthen their employees' involvement in the organisation, boost productivity, and increase quality of service.

Keep BUSINESS solutions are tightly integrated with technology that allows for strong process optimisation, speedy application, and the collection of data that allows the effectiveness of processes to be assessed
Design and implementation of internal feedback and recognition programmes
Design and implementation of a performance management model adjusted to the company's business objectives
Keep Organizational Analyzes
Construction of organisational analysis and diagnosis solutions tailored to the organisation's needs
Design and implementation of an employee journey process, integrating an onboarding, integration, training and internal communication model using an app gamification tool
Keep Values
Redesigning the organisation's Purpose and Values through integrated co-creation with the company's various teams, consolidating this process with gamification tools
Keep Building Innovative Teams
Building and implementing internal innovation teams that stimulate new ideas, new solutions, bringing out high-potential employees (using the 360 Assessment tool)
Design and implementation of evaluation and/or assessment models (90, 180 or 360 degrees) adjusted to the company's business competences model
Keep Power Skills
(Re)design of Competence Models adjusted to the current and real dynamics of companies, with the implementation of competence assessment tools that make it possible to adjust the development models and potential of leaders and employees
Keep Upgrade Leadership
Design of a Leadership Development model using a brain preference assessment tool to improve peer-to-peer communication, based on a better match between the various team profiles


Solutions designed to help you find the best professionals on the international market to support your business
Tailor-made solutions for companies seeking to develop people management processes using technology
Assessment and evaluation programmes for young people, talents and leaders, using technological assessment methodologies and tools
We provide a highly qualified professional with the experience required to help you grow your business